Diving for Shimmering Lovelies

Here you will find my brain wanderings, my pond reflections, my art, my epiphanies, all of which inevitably reveal bits of my soul.

Be gentle.


I am a writer. I am a writer. I am a writer. If I say it three times, it must be true?

Social interaction has historically been coupled with anxiety for me, so the page acts as my safe-haven. A place where I can shape-change and shift until it feels right and I don’t have to leave the party with both feet in my mouth (this makes it very difficult to make an inconspicuous exit).
I love creative writing, especially poetry and microfiction, but have also enjoyed writing essays and research-based articles.

List of Published Pieces:

Stewart-Ito, Ali K. Be Myself By Myself. Honolulu: Stewnicorn Creations, 2012. Print.

Poems, Articles and Essays: 
*Stewart-Ito, Ali K. “We Come Bearing Gifts.” 2013 Messages of Peace. Ed. Worth Grace and Lori Chaffin. 2013. Print.

*Hawaii Women’s Journal, Stewart-Ito, Ali K.
“Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder.” September 2010.
“Non Profit Corner: What Should I Wear? The Bella Project.” July 2010: 28-29.
“The Dame Game: Playing with the Boys.” May 2010: 28-29. Web.

*Soccer Coaching International. Stewart-Ito, Ali K.
Social Development: Kick It with Kenya.” June 2009: 44-47.
“Do Women Demand a Different Coaching Style?” Apr. 2007: 34-37.
“Building a Successful Women’s Soccer Program.” Dec. 2006: 22-25. Print and Web.

*Stewart, Ali K. “The Fire of Teaching: Warning to Children.” Teaching with Fire: Poetry That Sustains the Courage to Teach. Ed. Sam M. Intrator and Megan Scribner. San Franscisco: Jossey-Bass, 2003. 148-50. Print.


Experimentation and play guide my creative expression. I wouldn’t say I am a master of any medium but I do enjoy learning new techniques and seeing what happens. Generally, my subject matter mirrors the chaos that resides in my cranium; sometimes, a girl in a wombat suit emerges, victorious.

Have a look see at my currently sleeping Etsy site: Unicorn of the Sea

This is an image from a children’s book I recently published: Be Myself By Myself.
Watercolor and ink

Izumi dons a wombat suit

Getting Physical

Writing and arting are crucial to my psychic balance, but without physical movement, I become very, very cantankerous. Aside from being a competitive athlete myself, I have also served as a coach of soccer, basketball, and volleyball, and am a certified personal trainer and RYT 200 Yoga instructor. Sometimes people think that exercise makes one tired when in all actuality, exercise energizes.

Gimme Ten


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